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Ceiling Weight

Maintaining your weight

Once you've reached your goal weight, how do you keep from gaining it back? Choose a weight you're determined - NEVER to go beyond. We all fluctuate throughout time. The more you weigh, the greater the discrepancy. For example, a 130 pound woman, through out the month, might historically increase or decrease 5 pounds. Whereas, a 200 pound person, might fluctuate 10 pounds through the months.

My "never to go over weight", or (Ceiling weight), has been consistent. When I get 2-3 pounds close, I'll dial up my activity or pay closer attention to my diet. (And my definition of diet, is defined by what I eat. The Diet definition has been bastardized in my opinion, by weight loss gurus and media.) Restriction of food choice usually adds to weight gain.

I recently returned home from a 3 week vacation. I intuitively knew I was close to my ceiling weight. However, my scale informed me otherwise. I was OVER. Immediately, my cocktail shaker was put on the high shelf where I couldn't reach it. I started cooking healthy meals. Be honest, where is the weight coming from?

It's been a week, today I'm at my "Ceiling weight", so I will continue to focus on my diet and the alcohol will remain in the cabinet. Your body wants to remain at a stable weight. Determination and discipline will gradually help me return to my regular weight. The faster you recognized the added weight, accept, and deal with it, - The faster it will come off. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to take it back off. Don't wait for additional weight gain.

Be brave, step on that scale.

Use your personal skills to return to your regular weight.


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