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Theresa's reason for Exercise & testimonial

I started going to the gym with my daughters as something to do with them. I have never been to a gym so I basically ran on the treadmill and used a couple of weight machines strictly for my legs

In 2000, I herniated my disc T4 and in 2013, I was laid up with 2 bulging discs in my neck, so I stayed away from anything affecting those areas. Since my injuries I have had 2 injections in my neck that lasted for about 3 years. I have been very careful not to do anything that would re injure them again. I started feeling some pressure and pain in my neck again and that really concerned me. I own a resort and need to be healthy and strong to continue working until I retire.

One day when I was at the gym, I noticed Sherry working with one of her clients, I thought, "hmm", I wonder if she can help me with my back and neck to strengthen them, so I don't have this pain and pressure. I needed to continue to work the resort. I stopped by to ask her and we set up a meeting. Sherry sat down with me and asked a lot of questions, and we talked. Sherry said, she thought she could help me. I started with an assessment the following week and from there she has been guiding me on posturing my body, so I am doing the stretches and exercises properly.

She has also shown me how to use the machines safely to help strengthen my body. I have been meeting with Sherry once a week for 13 weeks now and she has helped me a great deal. I'm also learning a lot about how the body works and what I need to do to stay strong and healthy. My goals were to be pain free in my neck and back, and to strengthen my core.

I have had great results working with Sherry. After 9 weeks of training, I have achieved my goals and then some. I am completely pain free and have done some pretty heavy work at the resort. I'm happy to say, I have not felt this strong and good in a very long time.. I cannot express how good it feels to be pain free and a really big bonus is I don't have to inject anything into my body. I have added new goals along the way, because I

I've realized if I want to enjoy my life, especially after I retire - I NEED to be FIT.

Theresa Garry

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