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Why I Exercise - Gabby's Story

I always find people's reasons for exercising very interesting. Clients usually initially hire me to help them attain a certain health goal. Most often, it's to lose weight, tone, gain muscle, run a race, or to look good in their clothes...or some other aesthetic reason. Don't get me wrong, It's great that people have these goals. I like to look good as well, who doesn't?

However, after you've been exercising for awhile and achieved your original goals, something begins to happen. A "mind shift" occurs. You begin to realize other physical and/or mental changes are positively effecting your life. You begin to habitually schedule exercise into your daily or weekly routine. This is it - a Lifestyle Change!

This is Gabby's reason for exercising:

"I found exercising 4 days or more a week has helped my Rheumatoid arthritis. I have less pain, which makes me feel better physically AND mentally. I am physically able to do things that I had a hard time doing before. I am a lot happier since I started exercising."

Gabby L.

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