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The gifts I received when I "showed up" to workout.

Winter running

Today was one of those days where I could use every and any excuse not to stick to my exercise routine. It's too cold, the wind will be too wicked. I haven't cleaned my house in 2 weeks. All the above being true and just.

After checking the forecast (1 above), dusting my knickknacks, and might I add, cleaning the coffee pot - I decided to make an adjustment and pact with myself.

I could do a short run and make up the rest of the miles on a treadmill while watching tv tomorrow. I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill, by the way. I hate running on it, but love that it's there when it's needed.

I put on my Nike winter pants, 2 dry wear tops, a jacket, a baklava, and smart wool socks on my hands. Yet, I still feared I'd freeze to death before accomplishing my 4 mile run.

I've gotten in the habit of listening to audio books on my long days - passes the time. Today, I left it behind. Which allowed my first gift to happen. Did you know birds actually sing although it's crazy cold outside? I counted 5 different songs.

My second gift was, the roads were plowed and dry. I used that extra energy I didn't need to trudge through snow and added a few more miles to my run. Less miles on the treadmill tomorrow...YEAH!

Did you know it's possible to sweat in cold weather? The sun in February packs some heat. 2 long sleeved shirts was one too many. However, I could have used another layer on my face.

You will have difficult day It's ok to compromise or make allowances to your regular routine. Showing up is when the magic happens.

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