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Finding your Why?

Finding your WHY?

Not all days are “good” days. On occasion you may find it difficult to fit a workout into a busy day. Some days it difficult to find the energy. We’ve all been there. And we will be there again.

What’s the difference between those that ditch their workouts and those that go and workout regardless? Is it their dedication, drive or ambition?

I posed that question to a dedicated Anytime Fitness member. What drives you to come back, day after day after day?

I’m paraphrasing here, and I’m sure he’ll correct me if I get this wrong. Without hesitation, he said, it’s simple. “I was with a group of guys duck hunting and we were all standing around trying to figure out how we were going to lift this duck boat. I just decided to do it myself. I’d get underneath it. So, I bent my knees and lifted it with my body. I find myself doing what men 20-30 years my junior can’t do.” His motivation, or Why? is to continue doing activities he loves, for as long As he can.

I work out on most days because it makes me feel good. My Why? is to feel physically and emotionally good. My spirit is uplifted after a workout. I remember back in my early training days. The instructor asked those of us who liked to work out, to raise our hands. 90% of the hands in the classroom went up. (Remember, we’re all there as personal trainers and body workers).

Now, he says, “take a look around”. You are under 1% of the population. That was a real eye opener for me.

Ask yourself, why do I exercise? Finding your why will help keep you on track. Reminding yourself of that reason or reasons may help you stay on track.

Below are some reasons why people exercise and choose to eat healthy:

  • Sleep better feel more energy, more productive keep up with kids/grandkids improve physical appearance, feel good about the way you look improve self- esteem and confidence to travel reduce risk of chronic disease improve the immune system

The reasons Why are too many to list. The excuse list - not so long

time too tired I hurt Exactly Why you should be exercising!

What is your Why?Are you ready to discover your own reasons to focus on your exercise routine? Take out a sheet of paper.Write down 5 reasons Why? you want to live a healthy life.Then when the “voices” start whispering excuses, SHOUTNo!!.This is WHY I AM doing this because….

Put this paper on your fridge, in the car, office, wherever you can see it often.

If you’re still having difficulty finding your Why. I may be able to help. I am a National Medical Board certified Health and Wellness coach. Please see my web site at for more information.

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