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Vikings Game cardio/ab challenge

Take 10 minutes to warm-up to your PE of "6" (you're able to talk) Every time the Vikes score:

3 points or below - 30 second Plank 6 points - 1 minutes plank

Example of a short arm plank

After 30 - 40 minutes in: Bring your speed down to your PE of "3". Do this for 5 minutes. Take the next 10 -15 to do 5 - 1 minute bursts at PE of "8"

Cool down for 5 minutes...back to PE of "3"

Add up the total points of both teams, place a decimal after the first number. This is the total amount of time used for stretching.

Enjoy the rest of the game with your favorite guilt free cocktail.

**PE - means Perceived Exertion. On a scale of 0 to 10. How hard are you working. 0 is sitting with your feet up. 10 you can't talk or sustain more than a minute or two.

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