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Stay in Shelter, does Not mean stop moving

Let's Get Moving!

It's Fit for You is now offering on-line personal training sessions, along with on-line classes. You can choose from 30 minutes to one hours sessions. It doesn't matter what toys you have (if any) or what shape you're in - we can design a plan prior to your session to address your needs

On line classes are also available. You can choose from pilates, pilates plus, or golf mobility. Use the scroll downs for class descriptions. Cost, length of session are addressed under the "service" option. Classes are limited to 10 participants...not because of the "no assembly" in large groups. ;) I find that with 10 or smaller, communication between me, the provider and you, the participants is balanced. You have the ability to turn your microphone off for privacy or leave it on, to join in the banter.

This is an easy application for anyone who is computerly challenged.. You will get a Zoom address in your email after booking. Too join, simply click on the link at the appointed time. You are responsible for downloading Zoom and connecting with the class.

Use the contact page for questions or concerns. There is a nifty WIX App to download for your phone which gives you easy booking and access to happenings with classes. Leave a message if this interests you.

Please share this with someone who needs to get moving.

Stay Strong!

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