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Challenges of a Minnesota Winter

By the time this Month’s newsletter goes out, hopefully the (Polar Vortex or whatever it’s called)

is behind us. Which brings me to this month’s subject.

2 things I’ve noticed during these past 2 weeks.

1. I was allowing my regular exercise routine to taper off.

2. I’ve been terribly thirsty.

I found myself blaming my above issues on the weather. Unfortunately, I don’t have control of the weather. Otherwise it would be a perfect 40 degrees, lightly snowing, with no wind. Perfect running outdoors weather!!

I did run outside until the temperature dipped to -5 degrees. But, shortened the time considerably. Only polar bears and seals are outdoors at -30 degrees.

And water? “I’m still drinking as much as I normally do.”

Then came the headaches and muscle soreness.

Not the flu.

I caught a sinus/respiratory bug that had been going around. So naturally I thought the headaches and soreness were symptoms of my cold. But experience pointed elsewhere: dehydration.

It took a couple of disciplined days to realign my exercise routine. I simply took my cardio into the club and my home gym.

However, rehydrating takes a few disciplined days of 24- hour consistency.

Once I resumed my water intake, the headache disappeared. Then the soreness slowly faded.

I recovered from the sinus/respiratory bug shortly after.

The recent weather does get some blame. We change our daily patterns when it’s cold, icy, dark, become ill, the list of excuses is long – like our Winters sometimes. It’s your responsibility to stop and acknowledge your slide. (The difficult part) Then to resume or rearrange your routine. (The easy part)

Winter can also be tough on our bodies. We go from dry heated air in our homes, to cold dry air outside all day long. Exercise and lack of humidity are contributing factors to dehydration. Increasing water intake sounds like an easy solution.

Truth be told – it is!

Water intake is essential.

I can’t say this often enough. Water intake is essential.

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