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New Year's resolutions

Be SMART this year when making your New Year’s resolution

SMART is an acronym that Health and Wellness coaches use when working with clients to reach their goals.

S – Be specific. What do you want to achieve? Where or How? M- Make it measurable. What is your concrete evidence of success? Make it clear how you can measure it A – It has to be attainable. You need to weigh your time and effort. How much are you willing to give to yourself. Aim high enough to make it challenging.

R – It has to be realistic or relevant Ask yourself why do I want this goal. Will this goal achieve what you desire? T- Timely Make deadlines. Be specific as to the day or time you set aside to work on your goals.

New year’s resolutions, just like the years come and go. Make 2018 the year YOU succeed in attaining your goals. Think differently - Experiment with your goals. Allow yourself to change or tweak them if needed. It’s ok to make allowances along the way.

Most importantly, remain positive while formulating your plan. What you focus on increases. And when you focus on NOT doing something, that’s all you’ll be focusing on.

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