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4th of July vacation

A reminder that I will be on vacation during the first week in July. I will return to my regular schedule with you on the 9th. I normally take this month off but concluded it's easier on both parties to take shorter vacations, but more often.

I booked cyclical clientele through the month of July. Please inform me ASAP with any changes in your schedule and we'll adapt if needed.

I do have a few spots left on the training schedule. Tuesday mornings just became vacant from 6 am until 8:30. This is a prime spot! Contact me if this Fits You more than your regular spot. Or new clients - book through the web site.

If you need/want homework for accountability, changes in routine, or just need to chat. Please feel free to contact me via email or my favorite form of communication - TEXT. I will respond after my daily run or bike ride and before my cocktail. Balance - right?

Have a fun, active, safe holiday with your friends and family. Let Balance be your mantra this week. You can afford to indulge 20% of the time, if your diligent 80% of the time with your food/drink and exercise routine.

Have a fun, active, safe holiday with friends and family.

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