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Put-ting the fun into exercise

Here we are, entering another seasonal transition here in the BLA. It’s time for change…our kids are resuming school and maybe signing up for sports. Friends and relatives are visiting less often. Hopefully, you’ll have more “me” time. It’s also a good time to change your workout schedule. Or maybe resume your workout routine? Before you know it, the holidays will be here. Making exercise and eating healthy now will prepare you for the challenges of Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is the year to prepare ahead of time. Start develop healthy HABITS now, so you’ll keep the routine throughout the holidays.

September also jumps starts Football. Let’s mix our love for football and everything that goes along with it (food and cocktails) with exercise (biking). Sunday, September 22, Vikings will be playing the Raiders.

Let’s mix football with exercise by: Biking to Bites in Jenkins.

You’ll have 2 options depending on how far you want to ride. Group 1 will meet on the trail in Merrifeld at 9:30. 21.5 miles to Bites. Approximately 120 minutes

Group 2 will meet on the trail in Nisswa (Community center) at 10:30. 14.5 miles. Approximately 75 minutes. Group 1 and 2 will eventually meet up along the trail. If not, we’ll all meet up at Bites. Vikings kick off at noon. We’ll have lunch, watch the Vikes and make some memories.

Please sign-up at the gym or call Sherry or Karen. The sign- up sheet is very informal. We’d like to get a guestimate headcount. Please feel free to call or approach me or Karen if you have any questions or concerns.

You will get your exercise this Sunday. However, healthy eating (and drinking) is optional.

Please note – I will be on vacation 8/30-9/04

Have a Fun and Safe Labor Day weekend.

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