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 It's Fit for You is a private studio.  We are equipped with tools to reach your strength, flexibility, and postural goals. Your personal program is designed to meet your fascia needs.  Fascia is tissue that connects to joint, bone, and muscle.   Releasing restriction of fascia tissue will rid pain, improve posture, aid in your strength goals and more.    
We focus on body mechanics, functional, and multi-dimensional movement.  You will feel better, and move more fluidly with each session.  Completing your homework will help you quickly attain your goals.   Weight loss, decrease in brain fog, and an increase in energy are benefits of a fully functional body.  Life is better when you're physically strong. Together, we will navigate roadblocks and make adjustments to FIT into your lifestyle.   Assessing progress every 4 - 12 weeks motivates you to stay on track.  Tiny achievements grow bigger with each successful step.   Remember, we all start somewhere. 

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