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Personal Fitness Training

Strength & Endurance, Range of Motion, Postural Training

We begin with a complimentary consult which usually runs 30-60 minutes.


We will hit apon a few subjects:. health conditions, goals, diet, physical limitations and medications.  I've trained and work with chronic conditions people. Diabetes and high blood pressure can often change with a few months of routine exercise.  Range of motion and joint issues can be addressed with mobility training.   Weight loss and relief of the blues are side effects for people who exercise.  However, diet is always addressed.

This is a time to get to know one another’s personalities. We’ll also discuss goals, past exercise experience, and expectations from each  another.   Your first personal training appointment begins with as assessment -  determined by your goals.  I use the FMS tool to see functional movement and motor control within certain movement patterns.
 Homework is usually based on these results.

Strength and endurance are also usually assessed. Body measurement, weight, and body fat are tools for measuring success. You will be given a written report and assessed regularly through your progression.

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