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Fascial Stretch Therapy

Enhanced performance, Reduced injuries, improved function

I was taught directly by Ann and Chris Frederick – the developers of FST (Stretch to Win FST).  I  am currently a Level 2 Certified therapist, seeking my Level 3 certification.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) assisted stretching is a whole-body movement system designed to promote balance throughout your neuromyofascial network, with continuing supportive science.  FST uses variations of lengthening, twisting, and oscillating movements to foster natural human range of motion, re-align the myofascial system, and assess for imbalances in strength and mobility.  Fascial Stretch Therapy can be used to locate imbalances, free restrictions, and enhance movement capabilities across most age groups. In combination with massage therapy, functional movement, and self-care protocols, Fascial Stretch Therapy is a powerful tool to help those achieve neuromyofascial balance and ease of movement.

Affiliated with Birchwood Therapy Services.  FST appointments take place at Birchwood Therapy Services 13968 Cypress Drive Baxter MN 56425

Credit for the FST description to Tyler Kragerud, Bend Oregon

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